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Reply To: Oral supplements vs. injectables?

TWH Girl TWH Girl
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Well, this is a subject with lots of opinions. I like a daily supplement, and Smartflex Resilience is my fav. I would couple that with either semi- annual Adequan series or Legend iv. Which product is best depends more on what the horse’s issue is. You can do monthly injections after the recommended dose (4/7/28 for Adequan or 1/7/3 for Legend) but there is nothing to really prove a monthly dose on its own is helpful. Some say it is. I just had my 11yr old’s stifles injected and am doing an Adequan series twice a year and Smartflex Resilience daily. This seems to be a good regimen for him, but each horse is different and you may need to experiment or consult your vet for recommending. Best wishes to you!

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