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Vet wraps and sport boots are for the working horse. You can use Sore No More under the boots and wraps once you start working him.

Use poultice and standing wraps for the initial injury, and confine the horse. The poultice should be applied under standing wraps – leave it for 24hr. Repeat twice if there is still heat. Cold water hosing removes the liniment and also helps with inflammation.

Don’t combine with liniment – they do opposite things. Liniment helps warm up sore muscles and poultice cools the inflamed tissue. Save the liniment for after a workout (some folks may use it before exercise, i.e. on older horses, Sore No More is the brand they use on racehorses. But in the case for rehab, once you restore your horse to work, use it after initial workouts to ease sore muscles.)

EPF-5 is a wonder drug in my book. After poulticing treatment(I usually do it two days), for the next several days, I use EPF-5 in a layer of gauze after cold water hosing. Dry the leg thoroughly first or you’ll blister the horse. Then apply standing wraps. EPF should take down the swelling and heat in a few days. Use gloves because it can be absorbed into your skin as well as your horse’s. I also use it on the first days back at work to ease my mare’s pain and stress at the change in workload.

Surpass is an anti-inflammatory. It didn’t work for my mare, or I didn’t see the improvement at least, so I discontinued it and used EPF-5. I have friends who had a different experience. Do not use them together.

I use standing wraps for several weeks then step down to vet wrap when I am able to increase mobility. (If you don’t mind the really ugly kind, it’s usually cheaper.) I hear you on the cost of Cosequin. I had her on it for two years, have a great relationship with the local feed store and they cut me a break on the price, but it was still pricy.

A silver lining for me has been the great relationship I have with my mare. She will let me do anything with her, is very safe to work around, she somehow knows I’m there to take the pain away. I’ve had her for many years, four different tendon injuries, one broken cannon bone, and even a bout with minor laminitis. But when she and I are out on the trail, she is amazing and takes great care of me. Don’t give up; the best horses are worth the work!

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