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Best of Luck Shadow Star! I deal in all OTTB rescues so I’ve walked this road a few times!

Here’s my 2 cents

I have the worlds hardest Keeper TB, she’s picky, skinny and can blink off 100 pounds if she’s in the mood.

Hope this helps you!

Great Job on pre checking everything!

when they’re really skinny I add Redcel to their regimin, not sure what in it (Iron/Vitamin supplement) helps but it’s stopped the weight loss on some of my worst rescues.

1 You can add a source of fat (not weight gainers as they are mostly fluff) only add things 90% fat or higher to make it worth the $. I prefer Cool Calories or even rice bran, but cool calories is cheaper. When we are in winter I add up to 4 scoops per day (tiny scoop) of cool cals. It’s pure vegetable fat so there’s no limit to what you can feed.

2 You can try another feed, I have a picky eater, everyone said TC complete because it’s so high in fat, but she won’t eat it or any sweet feed. So after trying dozens of feeds! I’m now cheering for Blue Seal Sentiel LS (Green Bag) It’s easy to soak if needed and it’s 12 protien, 12 fat. You can safely feed up to 4 scoops (standrad 3qt scoop) per day in feedings. I generally do 2 scoops twice per day.

3. You can add a third meal if you have time. Go for an alfalfa pellet + beet pulp meal is a tummy pleaser.

4. Fiber, I can’t say enough about fiber! Forage first, so either 24 hr grass or at least 24 access to good hay will help. ADM nutrition’s “Forage First” concept was huge to me in college and though I don’t feed their brand of grain the concept sticks, Feed ALL the forage you can then supplement with grain. Which you already do!

Hope any of that helps!

I avoid liquid oils because the mare won’t eat them! And I don’t feed molasses or any extra sugars to them. I’m all about low starch low sugar on those OTTB tummies!