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so, I have tried everything for my 5 year old appendix gelding to get rid of scratches. I know it hurts him because it causes inflammation on the one white leg that he has.

FINALLY, after spending hundreds of dollars on different types of antibacterial cremes and pastes to get rid of it, I washed it really well with Aloedine shampoo not really trying to actively remove much of the scabs but really just to wash it well. Once I got that all cleaned off well, I dried his infected spot really well then I applied Desitin diaper rash to the scabs and sent him on his way out in the pasture.

I didn’t wrap his leg or anything. It was a dry day with no mud out in the pasture. Each day I’d re-wash the infected spot, remove the scabs that were ready to fall off, then reapply the Desitin. I did this for 3 days straight and by the 4th day all the scabs were GONE.

I washed, dried and reapplied the Desitine daily until all of the scabs were gone and healed which wasn’t that long. The paste actively keeps the area moist but suffocates the infection.

It cost me less than $6 for the tube of Destine and $12 for the Aloedine. The scratches is gone and haven’t returned.

Good LUck!