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My horse came to me with chronic severe scratches. I bought him at 6 years old and the beginnings of it were visible in his weanling photos. He hind legs were bald on the back and sides and solid scabs almost a foot up his legs. A year and a half later they are much better, even some hair has grown back. I have literally tried everything and here is what worked best for me. 1. Wash in Eqyss Microtek (very soothing, won’t dry or irritate). 2. Spray with vetricyn and let dry. 3. I follow up with Tzone dermal cream, it has hydrocortisone and is naturally antibactirial and antfungal, it conditions the skin nicely too. For super severe spots (scabbing over a half inch thick) I used a compound from my vet, an antibacterial and antifungal mixed with DMSO to carry it through the scabbing. The most important thing is keep feet clean and dry. When it’s wet be sure to clean feet everyday from the fetlock down.