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Another Banixx Believer! Enough with the old fashioned concoctions and lots of hours in treating. Banixx is also great at the first signs of thrush, wound care, it does not smell or sting so if you have very sensitive horses as we do, they are really OK with it. The scabs soften quickly in about five minutes and rinse off with warm water and cloth. then pat dry and reapply Banixx with saturated cotton balls(less waste). Should try to do daily and keep it up until all symptoms gone. Most cases a week or two and repeat if it shows up again, hopefully you can catch it early. It heals from the inside out by bringing more oxygen to the site and increasing blood supply so don’t freak if you see any bleeding, it is a good thing for healthy tissue growth. Smartpak carries it at a good price for the large bottle and you will start using for just about everything. A great product for your horse’s well being.