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Thanks to all for the good wishes and advice!

Funny how you can find anything on the internet…until you can’t find anything at all! I am beginning to think that this is because the outcome is usually as bad as I am worried it will be.
He is only 4 years old, so if he will be an unsound/uncomfortable pasture pet—-well…that’s a long lifetime of boredom and pain. I love him too much to let him suffer. I have been spending just as much time hanging out with him as I would have had we been riding or doing anything else. I am watching my normally sweet tempered–if a little young and dumb–gelding turn into an unhappy camper. He is not a fan of stall rest, and as every mother knows, this is all my fault! He has been telling me so–every chance he gets. While he was never a huge fan of grooming (What 4 year old boy wants his face washed?) he used to at least enjoy the “Itchy” spots and now only 1 1/2 weeks out he doesn’t even want to be touched at all.
Only 4 more days until the ultrasound….