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you can’t make any decisions until you know what the injury is. a little bit of boredom and discomfort for awhile may be worth it. A horse in our barn broke his jaw and the of course distraught owner wanted to put him down. The vet missed the injury when the horse was first seen and so the horse also got infected. the prognosis was always guarded but the barn owner and I are very stubborn and we took over the horse. he was on stall rest for 4 months was on 3 different antibiotics one injectable. for 4 months. had three wires placed to his jaw and he is a TB. He has completely healed. went back to his owner who rides him every day although she now uses a hackimore. When he was on stall rest he was unhappy. he had alot of pain and was sometimes inconsolable but now he is back to his great big beautiful happy self.