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I have used homeopathic for my horse who also has severe arthritis in pretty much all his joints, has ring bone and bone spurs.
I had him on smartflex rehab in the winters and then on the smartflex senior in the summer. Plus his daily previcox. I know your pain! It gets pricey.

We did a year of homeopathic. After 6 months I took him off the smartflex and about 8-9 months into it he was off the previcox. Now he gets 3/4 of a previcox if he’s really stiff, but it’s pretty rare, maybe once every 2-3 months.

I had him on 3 different remedies and it cost me…maybe $30 for the pills and I only had to get them twice. Plus distilled water, which is like $2 and then your syringes, which are .89 cents each. and then your containers. The only thing with the homeopathic is it can be time consuming. We had to wait 15-20 minutes between each dose and then 15 minutes more before he could eat or drink anything.

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