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I have heard of sweet itch before, that is one of the reasons
I have not put a saddle on her until I find something to get rid of
this. I ride a Australian saddle & the girth that came with it was a
very harsh material ( almost like burlap ).
I rode a few times but I didn’t like how it felt on my hands.
She didn’t have sores then. It was after I hadn’t rode for a spell
I found the sores starting to appear.
That is when I thought I should cover the girth; Did but seemed to
bother her just the same.
Then I thought next Spring I should try a neoprene girth.
I really like reading all of your help.
I need it 🙂 Because she is my 2nd horse. My 1st horse we had no problems
in Palm Springs, Ca. with stuff like that.