Reply To: suggestions on horse supplement for frazzling?

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Based on your description of your horse, it sounds like a normal response to pressure he’s feeling, and this is simply a matter of him needing time and patience. I would only reach for a supplement for a horse who is overly sensitive to touch or sounds, is genuinely fearful, nervous or anxious in predictable situations where training issues have already been ruled out, and of course for horses on forced stall rest. Overall he sounds like a really good boy. If you push him and start to feel him unraveling, try taking a step back to something you know he can be successful at, and break down what you were attempting into even smaller pieces next time. When I hit a spot like this with my mare, I like to remember the words of a trainer and competitor I respect, “Training horses is never a straight line…you scale high peaks, descend into deep valleys, make wrong turns, go down dead ends and wander around a bit. But, if you keep your eyes on short-term and long-term training goals, and you keep working and listening to your horse, you usually get where you intended to go.” Don’t be afraid to scale back when he seems to be getting frustrated. It’s not that you’re “letting him get away with it,” you’re rephrasing the question to help him find the answer. Best of luck!

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