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I agree with both Leslie and MareMother. My gelding had/has weak feet and had a horizontal hole (for lack of a better term) in his hoof that when it grew out it caused the shoe to drop off. I fed SmartHoof and his hooves improved dramatically. My farrier (the previous owner) said that the horse’s hooves were the best he’s ever seen them. I got tired of the chipping, cracking, etc and it only seemed to happen on the front feet. All 4 feet have improved now and he’s been on the supplement for 3 years now. I took him off once and won’t do that again. He’s on the supplement for life. But yes, give it time to work!! The supplements affect new growth, the old will be trimmed away. And yes, it takes about a year to have a whole new hoof. Unfortunately, my horse still has the hole (keeps coming back) but it’s not near what it used to be before the supplement.