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Reply To: Tail swishing and bucking?

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I believe crys comments are right on. From what you’ve described, This is a respect issue. She’s right on target to recommend “the Method” and Clinton Anderson. Today, most modern trainers use a similar approach but Clinton has a way of presenting the lessons in an straight forward, easily understandable way, without talking down to the student. I have a Jackies Butte Mustang that was deemed “too dangerous” by some sheriffs posse members out West. I met him before I realized that a Mustang IS NOT a beginners horse. At the time, I had no experience whatsoever with horses but offered to work with him after his original owner got injured mounting him. Today,Ty is my close companion thanks mainly to the Clinton Anderson method. He is not the same horse I first met. If you ever get the opportunity, attend one of Clinton’s Walkabout tours and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with him.

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