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Nutrena is about the best we can get without special orders. I’m just covering all my bases with the amino acids but she definitely gets enough Vitamin E/selenium. (Though I REALLY wish someone would care enough to make a senior horse NRC!)

I’m 99% sure you are right about the exercise because she is coming off an injury (which occurred in the pasture just as she was getting back to work after gaining the weight she lost last year. Of course.) I just wanted to sample the Smartpak audience to see what seems to work for them as far as nutrition/exercise. As soon as we get our Bowen therapist out and she OKs her for work (the vet already did but, again, covering all my bases with my old girl!) I want to get her back into some, as you say, proper exercise.

What do you suggest? I’ve heard it all, from hill work to long trotting to trot poles to backing up hills. It seems like everyone has ONE thing they want to do for topline but I want to mix it up.