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Does your blanket fit well? There is a way to measure for a blanket on the net…you can google blanket fit. Yes, I blanket my horse in the winter. My gelding is 27 and has no chewing teeth left. I have to give him hay cubes soaked in lots of water. He scarfs that down. I fix the cubes in a 5 gallon bucket. You could try that. You can feed cubes per the bag instructions. I mix timothy alfalfa cubes. I don’t feed per the bag cause my horse gets complete feed also so the hay has to be adjusted. I do give him more cubes in the winter than summer. Right now he is getting cubes once a day and usually at night since he can’t eat grass either. Wads it up and spits it out. Another thing about blankets, I have soft ones. I used a canvas one once and it rubbed terribly. You could try adding some lambswool/sheepskin padding across the wither area. You can get that from a fabric store and then have it stitched onto the blanket. Add enough so it goes down over the shoulders or at least to the top of the shoulders and then back far enough to cover part of the back spine or wherever she is getting rubbed. You might also consider a what I call “sleazy”… pjs… is a stretchy thing that goes over the front end, between the front legs and covers the shoulders, lower neck and goes half way down the back. Fastens under the belly. That helps a lot too. Not real expensive. Less than $30. Comes in different designs. I have a black one and then a cheaper orange one. I like the black one as it is heavier than the orange one and the black more expensive is holding up better than the orange one. There are some hints in my SmartPac magazine…”High withered horses look for a high-neck cut and for shoulder rubs, try the V-front closure offered on many Horseware Ireland blankets.” These are just suggestions to help you get started before it gets cold.