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Our dentist says she will never be able to eat hay again. 🙁 Her teeth are so smooth they’re like glass. When she tries to chew she can’t get purchase on it to break it down. She doesn’t even try anymore though sometimes she will toss the haynet around. (Hey! Give me my soaked senior and alfalfa cubes! I don’t want this!) She’s going to be living with us this winter so we will be able to give her more frequent meals during the day though. I am just so paranoid about her being cold at night I don’t want her going blanket-less.

I am going to fiddle with a few different sized blankets now that we are at a boarding barn and can borrow some to try on. I hope someone has a high necked blanket so I can try that out. These are the turnouts I’m looking at that have the wither relief: