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I run a boarding barn and the first things I go over with new employees or new boarders is safety. The undoing of a bale of hay has to be taken seriously. I teach them to cut the twine with a pair of scissors I keep hanging on a hook in the hay room. The scissors have a loop of braided bright pink string through them so they are easy to see if dropped or lost in a bale. They must be put back where they came from.

Then I insist the baling twine is inspected for those little 1″ pieces of twine that sometime are still sitting on the bale from the baler machines cutting device. Remove that little piece then pull both pieces of twine completely out. Knot the twine and place it in the garbage pail provided that I keep in the hay room just for twine. Now employees or boarders may proceed to feed the hay.

I am really strict about this procedure because I too, when i was 12 years old, found a piece of twine hanging from my pony’s anus and I knew he had just dodged a bullet.