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About 2 years ago I bought a horse training farm in the outer bluegrass of Kentucky just outside of Lexington. The facility had formerly been a gaited horse training facility charging $600 per month for boarding. You would not believe the amount of bailing twine and broken glass I removed from the 8 paddock areas. I’m a stickler when it comes to horse safety. I had a friend whose horse ingested a long length of bailing twine and developed severe colic. Her mother just happened to notice a small “cord” sticking out of the anus. She carefully pulled and the entire length of twine came out relieving the built up gas. Who knows what would have happened had that piece of twine not been exposed. I have never forgotten that incident. There is no excuse for the situation you describe. You need to have a serious discussion with the boarding facility. DWB – Ty Run Stables