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Being as where I used to board this happened quite often and we’ve had a horse eat the twine and then halfway poop it out…I’m going to have to say that you have EVERY right to bring this to the attention of the BO.
I don’t care who’s feeding the horses, they need to pay more attention to things. If they’re throwing in twine, who’s to say they aren’t feeding moldy hay as well?

I’ve had some very negative experiences at different boarding facilities.
we pay to have our horses cared for, this includes proper feed and safety.

If anything you brought it to the BO’s attention. Maybe it’ll happen again, maybe it won’t. But at least they know about it and can watch for it. Sometimes you’re in a hurry, things happen. I get it. But at the same time, twine isn’t exactly small…

But that’s just me. I am a horse care snob. hahaha

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