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we have a rescue retired race horse in that is having colic like symptoms every few weeks, but is not colic. we have had 3 vets check the liver, the guts and etc, with blood testings and enzyme testings, and even had drug reaction testings, as there was drugs used on this horse at the track. etc etc.

    a long ordeal to discovery

. no ulcer, no colic, no reason for the painful occurrences with this horse as to why these symptoms, at least from the professional medical stand point, the first thought was liver damages, but that wasn’t found to be so either.
smart pak puts out a gut supplement, called “smartGut” pellet. its not an over night success, but its helping, and beginning to work for this horses with the mysterious colic symptoms that is not colic.
another friend had a horse that colic and had surgery too (the worse thing to have to happen for any horse), and her continued to have colic issues even after surgery. she has tried the smart gut also and has a great amount of success with recovery for her horse as well. so my recommendation is the smart gut, but be patient and give it time to work for your horse.

what was once every few weeks of symptom attacks has not been seen in 2 months now with the smart gut program. it comes in pellet or paste tube. we pray that this health improving continues to keep going for these two horses with two different gut problems.

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