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we have a project rescue in (6 yr old TBH, retired racing horse), that is a puzzle of gastric problems unknown. We took this horse to equine vet, then took him to two specialist for his guts. they ran xrays, enzyme tests, dyes imagining for gut, mri’s, and other tests. nothing was found, not an ulcer, not colic, not any bowel problems, no blood anywhere leaking, etc etc etc.
now this horses symptoms is laying down and behavior of colic, his episodes can last from 5 min to 4 hours. he is in pain and suffers greatly.
we tried various herbs, any suggestions that anyone offered us for him trying to help him in any way we could, never losing hope. we began using the SUCCEED PASTE several months ago and this horse is getting better. we are continuing his SUCEED with great success and improvements. we have not had an episode or discomforts from this horse in over 4 months now. he had 10 episodes prior to SUCCEED. I highly recommend the SUCCEED for any horse having some kind of gut or colic problems.


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