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My personal horse as well as many others throughout my show barn have had ulcers. I truly believe that the ONLY way to cure an ulcer is to use the prescribed medication, UlcerGard. It is costly, but it is effective. After the UlcerGard course is over, then you can look into some supplements to support your horse’s stomach health and prevent her from getting another ulcer. Also, bananas are a healthy, tasty treat that can prevent ulcers and promote a healthy lining in your horse’s intestine. Don’t hesitate to ask your vet, the team at Smartpak, and fellow riders around the barn for more help. Good luck!

Not true.

1) ulcergard is OTC so it isn’t actually prescribed.

2) there are other ulcer medications available, such as ranidine, or for hind gut ulcers sucralfate. Both are viable treatments.

3) the active ingredient in Ulcergard is omperprazole, which is also in the Abler product. What makes Ulcergard so successful in healing ulcers is its enteric coating which allows the product to make it through the stomach acid. The abler product has the same coating. Although I won’t go as far as to say it is essentially the same product, it is very similar, at a fraction of the cost. Many people have had success with it.

To manage ulcers from a horse care standpoint… free choice hay, alfalfa, and a low stress lifestyle.

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