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Michelle Michelle
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I went through a very rough time with my gelding when he developed ulcers. They were confirmed by gastroscope at my vet hospital. I treated with Ulcergard and then switched to a generic Omeprazole for a solid 6 months. At the end of that time I had him re-scoped and he had very few, minimal ulcerations. I put him on the product Succeed, which I had very good success with. In the worst of his ulcers, he wouldn’t touch grain, period. He would only eat hay and grass. He has always been on 24/7 turnout, which is recommended for ulcery horses– but being an endurance horse, he needed more calories. I cut back his grain significantly, to 1/4 scoop day and night, and put him on a ration balancer pellet. When I need to add calories, I add a scoop of Fat Cat to his feed. After a year on Succeed, he was still eating wonderfully, performing at the top of his game, and about that time SmartPak came out with their SmartDigest Ultra. I switched him from Succeed to SmartDigest Ultra (at almost half the cost), and he has been thriving on that. Last fall, we won the Arabian US National Championship CTR– he looked and felt just perfect. I have since started my mare on SmartDigest Ultra, to prevent any problems before they start– and I keep my gelding on it–and swear by it. I *highly* recommend treating first, scope, and see how bad of a problem you are dealing with. Once your horse is eating well again, go for the SmartDigest Ultra. You won’t be sorry. I know many people will recommend SmartGut, or other antacids, but I learned in my trial and error period with my horse that it was better not to mess with the acid/base balance of his GI Tract in creating a “rebound” acid effect when the antacid wears off. I am a nurse, and have brought a lot of my knowledge of human medicine to the table here, so this is only my opinion. I wish you all the best in treating your mare and bringing her back to optimal health. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your happy, healthy horses enjoying their lives.