Reply To: Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

Karis Karis
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My sweet little OTTB gelding is usually pretty bombproof- once during a lesson, there was a giant crack of thunder that sounded like it was right on the roof of the arena followed by immediate lightning shook the entire indoor and he didn’t even blink while my trainer and I jumped through the roof. So he’s pretty anti-spook… EXCEPT for logs. Ground poles are fine, flower boxes are fine, but God forbid there’s a LOG on the ground, it’s all over. Shaking and using every ounce of his mental strength to not fly sideways. He also spooked so hard the other day at a pile of saddle pads I had on the ground outside his stall. He could barely walk out to the pasture because he needed to keep an eye on them all the way down the isle on the way outside.