Reply To: Weirdest Thing that Spooked Your Horse?

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Hmmm well this is a tough one, since my guy spooks at everything and the kitchen sink.
He’s an OTTB, about 8-9 years old and likes to pretend he’s the big man of the barn, but if he sees another horse sans rider (for example their rider has fallen off, not just a random horse in a field, he’s usually good with that), oh boy you better strap in and hold on, because you are going for a RIDE. I can’t even go on trails with him anymore because he has nervous break downs.
But I have to say the weirdest thing he’s spooked at is nothing. We have a little resident “ghost” at our barn, in one particular end of our large arena and out of nowhere the “ghost” will spring on him and he’s halfway across the ring and I’m in the dirt. This happens with a lot of horses, especially if you’re “rude” to the ghost. One girl started yelling at said ghost after her horse spooked and the rest of her ride was complete chaos only in that end of the ring.

Yes I do Dressage, no I am not afraid to jump.