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My horse spooks at quite literally everything… Light in weird spots, shadows, heck, even a rock.
One time me and my trainer were working on trailering him for probably only ever his second or third time and we were expecting him to blow up since he does at everything else. Well, my trainer had taken out her metal divider and it was laying on the ground to the side of the trailer. So, we brought my horse up to the trailer, but before he got there, he turned to look at the metal divider and freaked out. He wasn’t at all scared of the fact we were putting him in an enclosed, small, trailer, that was just fine, in fact he wanted to to get away from the scary divider, but oh my gosh, that metal thing laying on the ground several feet away was definitely going to eat him.

Also, one time I brought him out of his pen and was bringing him to the tie up area, and there was this wheelbarrow sitting to the side of the barn that he flipped out about. It had never been there before, but he could see it from a mile away, and he’s seen and been around wheelbarrows plenty of times before, but holy crap it was in a different spot! Scary stuff man, scary stuff. Anything, no matter if he’s seen it and been around it a hundred times before, if it’s in a different spot, it’s clearly moving closer so it can eat him.
And he freaked out when I put gloves on hah.

Thank goodness for those who came up with the concept of desensitizing.

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