Reply To: What’s your favorite hoof dressing?

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I use Farrier’s Fix to help even out the moisture level in the hoof during our summer muddy seasons. The horse’s feet were constantly coming in wet from the pasture, even on dry days, and nothing seemed to help get them dry. The smell of thrush/bacteria started showing up when hooves were being picked. After using it for about two weeks (four doses total), the smell disappeared and I’d like to say that there is a difference in the horses’ hooves. Now we’re back in drier conditions so I don’t worry as much, but would fall back on it if I smell the beginnings of thrush again.

I would agree that the best way to fix hooves overall is through a diet, though. I started my mare on Smart Hoof to hopefully help with this. The problem is that it takes about 6 months or so for a total hoof replacement, so seeing how the supplement works all around the hoof can take a while.