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pheets pheets
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Pockets. Lots of them. Pockets are good for those cookies that all MY horses think grow there (somehow I have convinced them that cookies grow in pockets and can produce a never-ending supply). Always needing an extra spring clip, piece of baling twine, cookies, pliers, gloves, small torch and knife, more cookies and, of course, now the sacred and ohso important leash/phone and more cookies. On enough occasions, meds and their delivery systems (MORE cookies…), bandage supplies, the illusive BIC lighter, and the business card someone left me three years ago that I still haven’t found. Probably no need to mention the comparison and regularity of the chronic hay stalks in the pockets to the French fry in the car.
I love laundry day…
If one is looking to supply working horsefolk, pockets will appeal : )

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