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Head to toe cold weather outfit

Wool nordstorm socks, breeches pulled over, followed by super thin Riding socks and then boots & spurs. Sports bra by Wacoal (nothing else has support that works for me) Hermes belt, tucked in under armor and polo by brooks brothers, wool crewneck sweater by j crew, down vest by Jack Wills (or the north face), and wind breaker by Gap Fit. (Durrable and ok to be destoyed) Gloves are equestrian brand of course and so is the hairnet. USEF broach and pearl earrings.

I may have forgotten a thing or two but I can’t recall it just now.

I would love to see more USEF and USDF apparel. When attending a large event like a GP with many riders from all over the globe it is a great feeling to show off your country with USEF appearl (pins, jackets, caps, vests).