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LL Bean for boots, hands down. I have a pair of regular duck boots for summer, and a pair of the shearling lined boots for winter. Comfortable and they hold up to abuse. These boots are sturdy!!! My winter boots are in their second season, and they are just starting to hit that comfortable worn to your foot feeling. These boots will last me years!

Levi’s for jeans. I wear them every day, and in ride in them. They fit well, and are decently priced. I generally hit up the sales. Levi’s are comfortable and tend to last a looooooong time, no matter how much I beat them up. I still have several pairs from my high school days that I could wear if i hadn’t gained a healthy adult weight. 😛

I have a pair of carhartt quilted pants. Comfortable and warm. They block the wind. Expensive, but like the LL Bean boots, they’re durable and will last a long time. These types of items are worth the higher price tag because of the quality. I choose quality over quantity. I don’t want to have to replace something in a few years. It’s a waste of time and money. I do search out sales and try to buy the items at the best price I can. Even when I have to pay full price, it’s worth it when I’m warm.

My favorite pairs of wool socks come from Target and Rural King. The target ones are soft, the rural king ones are thicker.

Aside from those particular items, the rest are just shirts, regular socks, and whatever sweatshirts I’m wearing. Those are not brand specific. As I mentioned earlier, I’m looking for quality, but at decent prices. My winter duck boots from LL Bean were $180. This is definitely on the high end of what I’d generally pay, but the boots were worth the price. Higher priced items have to be high in quality.