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Most welcome, Melissa : )

Willing to pay a fair to better price to insure quality which MUST include durability. $40-$60+ for a sweatshirt (not including Black Dog clothing) but ideal would be closer to $30.00.

Tees… I get a lot of T-shirts thru event volunteering (thanks soo much everybody!) and haven’t had to BUY one in years (I wear them til there are no threads left)!

Jeans: $30-$50 depending on intended use. More for a nicer pair, less for dailies.

Outerwear/winter: I live in Mountain Horse and Carhartt. MH has always been affordable for the quality and I have an MH jacket that , unless it is below 10F and windy, is TOO warm 😀
Carhartt: if only they could be priced like more generic clothing but Carrs last forever, are definitely durable and warm as toast : ) I would love to pay less than 120$ for a lined bib overall that is Carr quality but one DOES get their money’s worth.

Boots: I can’t comment other than to whine about how hard my multi-times broken toes and over high insteps are to please and what it costs me to keep them happy and functional.

Preferred prices?….if wishes were horses: ) The “disposable” stuff would be a sweet deal if they were averagely priced but two for one!

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