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Thinking out loud and from a winter perspective:

It would be fabulous for MOST if the unaffordable but worth it clothing IS affordable once or twice a year. Outdoor living, horses/farming specifically here, deserves quality duds. We HAVE to be out there, on call 24/7, ALL weather secondary, and indoor riding ring? my…..butt : ) Nothing but a refrigerator, albeit wind-free (from an instructour pov)!

Not all of us can regularly afford/justify the price of the GOOD stuff on our average horsey incomes, the stuff that lasts and is warm that we deserve. So… we don the multi, hopeful layers of everything we have and again, rival the Monday Morning Wal-Mart Society, swill whatever java/HC/hot stuff we have time for before IT gets cold… and we still get cold.

It really would be nice if basic warmth and function were more affordable, even if it was a once a year blow-out sale. I am in New England, speaking with NE winters in mind.

Thank you for reading : )

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