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Hi : )

I don’t shop intentionally for brand names, no disrespect intended, open to most as the bulk of my barn wear (sweats, Tees, shorts, jeans, GOOD barn boots, occasionally gloves…and no WHITE!!) is preferably warm/cool, durable, and affordable as it gets WORN/trashed/ replaced/lost/taken often enough.

In the spirit of co-operation:
Champion makes a decent sweatshirt but really hard to find the genuine HEAVY weights so I tend to send child support to The Black Dog for theirs. Jeans are normally Levi or Lee depending on how fat I feel (and how clean they are) on a given day. BIG Mountain Horse winter clothes fan but that is horse-related : ) If not in breeches for teaching/coaching/etc., I am most often found in Dickies (pants) cheap or Carhartt (outer/winter wear), stupidpricey but durable, warm and well made, classy and accepted as such by most in the outdoor professional world.
The rest is horse-related tho I DO like Sorrels for winter feets. They fit me well (next to impossible venture more often than not) and they are warm : )

Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.