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I really love the Smartflex Supplements and use Smartflex III on my 11 year old dressage gelding, who is ridden 6 days a week. Another alternative that I loved (but would more recommend if you’re concerned about arthritis) was Smartflex II with Hyaluronex liquid. The Hyaluronex liquid is absolutely wonderful and if my boy ever has issues that Smartflex III can’t manage, I’m returning back to that supplement. It is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that is more efficiently used in the body. It’s expensive, but worth it!

Also, for horses in heavy work I also love Back on Track products (there’s a 20% off BoT sale today on Although they are more related to muscular health than skeletal, they increase blood flow (they have a wonderful mesh sheet, lower leg quick wraps, etc) to aid in proper circulation and delivery of nutrients/oxygen. I really feel that between the Smartflex III and my BoT products I am providing my horse comprehensive musculoskeletal care.