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Most people I know say that every horse that is anything more than a pasture pal should be on a joint supplement and its can never hurt so I say why not? I have three horses, own a horse farm with boarded horses (plus mine), and work with many barns and horses elsewhere. All three of mine are on a joint supplement. I do adjust the level of joint supplement based on the individual circumstances for each horse. It also depends on the brand/type. If you want to feed a cheap knock-off I would suggest a higher level of it. If you feed a good quality one, you can probably get a lower level and it will be equal to the higher level of the cheap one. My older horse is on a senior formula, my 14 year old heavily ridden/competed warmblood is on a much higher support formula, and my 2013 colt is on a one designed for growing, very lightly worked horses. It sounds like you have a hardworking young horse, headed for an intense career (I Event my warmblood as well), so I would say absolutely go for the joint supp. It can help prevent later issues as well. Better to stop stuff before it starts.
Good luck! Hope this helps!

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