Reply To: Why is my trail horse all of a sudden bucking after he spooks?

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I just bought me one of those straps, got it last weeks so i plan on using it next time I ride him. I’ve been riding him in a Bob Marshall treeless saddle which doesn’t have a horn so I figured the strap would be great for this saddle. The last two times he has spooked before the actual bucking begins he doesn’t just spook sideways, he lunges so he lifts his front end and jump up in the air so my whole body flies up out of the saddle. I’m hoping if it happens again with this night latch, think that is what some people called it that I’ll have time to grab it. It just seems to happen so darn fast I have hardly anytime to think/or react. I’ve been using a Little S hack on him, do you think I should go back to a bit so that would also give me more control. I don’t think the hack in this situations gets his attention at all so he just fight through when I try to pull back. I’m also going to get shorter reins, so I have a good hold on them.