Reply To: Why is my trail horse all of a sudden bucking after he spooks?

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Usuing a stronger bit only confuses and punishes a horse for a reaction that is not his fault.,that is a reaction born into him ment to keep him safe…Ask yourself what have I changed in his life…Bucking can be caused by many reasons,but the easiest reason is one we never think about…It’s our butts..that is right think about it our horse gets scared and needs our assurence,instead our butts start slamming up and down on their backs something they have never felt before.They only know it it must be a new form of punishment…and scares them even more.I am a distance rider. A bucking horse needs another way to tell you he is scared.Back off the trail rides on his back…Lead him on a trail, and when he starts to tell you he needs your support..start talking to him, stroke him,and make him know your are a team and together you can both face anything