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Thanks for your input. I have never used a severe bit on them and agree that it could make it worse. That was just a thought a friend recommended to keep his head up. I’m the type of person with light hands, I never seem to have a tight rein which may of not helped my situation. The weird thing is he is not a spooky horse at all, believe me I have one of those and he is nothing like her. He’s never a nervous, which when he has done this it takes me by complete surprise cause I have no warning it is coming. I thought the bucking the first time he did it to me was caused by him catching me out of the corner of his eye and not knowing what I was just that he wanted/needed to get away so I didn’t think anything of it. Then when he did it again a few weeks ago, again I know what caused him to lunge before the buck. I just needed to get his head back so he couldn’t get it down to buck so hard. Going down a hill wasn’t helping my situation. Usually on trails that is his safe place, if I ride him out in the open field at home he will try to be ornery if he’s in the mood and crow hop or just be a brat, never has he bucked like this and I’ve been riding him for 7 years. The first time I took him out after our first incident when we got to that exact spot he instantly perked up and I think he remembered, so I did get off him and walk him around in that area. At that spot your coming off a road in the tree’s and they have the road blocked with a log on top of two little end post, the log has rubber covering the edge and then I noticed a reflector on some of the wood, I thought maybe he caught the reflection off it when he spooked that time so I credited it to him spooking over that then the buck was caused by me losing my seat and him being scared of me and wanting away. I just now have a hard time getting on without having that tense feeling which is the worse thing I could do for him.