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Here is somthing to try. Teach your horse to do a one rain stop. This can be very helpful if done correctly. It is important to teach it to your horse and yourself and practice it before ever going on a ride. You need to practice so that you do not need to think you just react or it will not work. TIP.. get the horse’s head around and wait for his feet to stop moving and he gives to the pressure before you let him out of the one rien stop. If the horse moves once you let him out of the one rien stop just put him in the one rien stop again, It may take a few of these one rien stops in a row .but untill you feel safe, keep doing it (it takes the power off the hindquarters and will make it very hard for the horse to buck).
1. On the ground stand near your horses’ shoulder on the left side have a halter and lead rope on him.
2. Ask the horse to flex his head around to his side. To do this apply light pressure on the lead out in around is the motion bring your hand to the horses side near but not over the spine (about were you would be sitting in the the saddle if you were on the horse) as soon as the horse gives even just a little to the pressure give back by releasing the pressure on the lead (back like it was burning your hand ). Goal is to get him to touch his side near the grith with the less amount of pressure from you .It may happen like this he gives his head but only a few inches to start that s ok be patient and repeat the steps untill his nose touches his side near the grith area. Once he gets it then repeat it ten times .
3. Do this on the left side as well, but be sure to do this at less ten times each side everyday for five days.
After the five days and only if he understands and is responding well you can start him with a headstall still on the ground put the headstall on and do the same as above on each side use very light pressure with your fingers ask him to flex. Try doing this for a few days if he does well and will flex his head off of a lille pressure you can move to the next step.
Once you have the horse flexing well on the ground you can tack up in a safe area (fence- in – area like a round pen)sit on the horse do not ask the horse to move just sit on him ask him to flex his head to the right five times then to the left five times . TIp,, when you are sitting on the horse slide your hand along the rein and lightly pull out and around follow the seam of you paints and bring your hand up to your hip then give back the rein when the horse gives to the pressure and the horse’s nose touches the grith area. Goal =nose needs to touch the grith area with very little presure from the rein.
Now ask for a walk along the fence line go two fence post links ask for a one rein stop do this on each side for five days . Once he is good at a walk you do same thing at a trot then at a lope. Now you can take your new tool out on the trail! Good Luck ! Happy Trails!

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