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It’s not that I’m determined to NOT feed grain, I have absolutely nothing against it at all. I actually bought a bag and was going to feed it to him until I saw that he had been putting on a significant amount of weight and muscle from just more hay.
And yes, it does make it a bit complicated seeing as I board, and where I board is 40 minutes away, so I can’t go feed it to him every day, and that’s asking a lot of my incredibly busy BO and trainer to do it for me. It’s not a big fancy facility, it was originally just a breeding and training facility, the only “staff” they have is one trainer who’s in college, and then the BO himself, so I doubt they would have the time to measure out grain every day to give him. If he absolutely needed it then yes, I would ask them if they could do that, but seeing as he’s started putting weight on fine without grain and is perfectly healthy, then why bother with the grain?
And I am new to horse ownership, but not new to horses in general. I do have a vast knowledge of horses and I fully recognize the responsibility that comes with ownership, just not necessarily all the “technicalities” on feeding. But now I do, so thank you all for all the great information 🙂