17" English saddle, medium tree, $300 or under

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    I really need a new saddle. Mine is cheap, too wide of a tree for my horse, and too small for me. (The person I bought it from either lied, or didn’t know how to measure a saddle.)
    So I’m looking for a nice, good quality saddle. 17″, medium tree, preferably knee rolls, and preferably black (but I’m willing to get a brown one, my boy just looks so handsome in black. And one without knee rolls I suppose.)
    I would really like an HDR or Crosby or one of those more well known brands that I know I can trust. I’ve found a few on ebay for 300 or under, but I know the price will probably sky rocket once the auction comes closer to an end. If it would be possible to do a trial run, or just have the option of returning it would be great too in case it doesn’t fit my horse.
    I’m just counting the days until my tree snaps or something or other on my saddle because it is pretty cheap and I’d like to stop using it asap.
    Does anyone have anything like I described for sale or know anyone who does/good websites to find used saddles?

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    A good place to check is the English Tack Trader Facebook group. The only downside is that it’s not as “official” as Ebay so you need to do your due diligence– ask lots of questions, ask for lots of pictures, and make sure the person is reputable and representing the saddle accurately. Only do your transactions through Paypal, and make sure the shipper gives you the tracking number from the post office. That said though, everyone so far I’ve interacted with on that group has been honest and very helpful.

    Actually, there is one more downside…you’ll see tack ads from the group sprinkled throughout your Facebook feed which is really tempting!!!

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