2 questions, 1 re: salt and 2 re: smelly manure

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    Hello, I have always added salt to my horses “baggie” because until now I have never owned one that would use a salt block. My latest horse, an 18 year old Hanoverian/Arab cross, also gets salt in his baggie.

    The barn we board at puts the smaller white salt blocks in the stalls and Bomber is going through them like candy! I have always read that a horse will only eat the amount of salt it needs and not to worry as long as he has lots of fresh water, which he does…but this seems extreme.

    Just wondering if there could be something going on to cause this salt craving.

    Also, and this could be related, his manure does not smell sweet; it has a kind of sourish smell. It looks fine in consistency etc. I read somewhere that too many carbohydrates can cause a sour smell…this doesn’t seem likely to be the cause because the feed I put in his baggie to get his vitamins and joint supplements down is LMF Stage one, which is a low carb supplements…

    Any ideas or similar experience? Thanx ahead of time.

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    Whenever we put out a new salt block the horses go nuts. At one point they were going through a block in 2 weeks.
    We don’t add salt to their grain though.
    Do you know for sure he’s drinking enough water?
    Maybe stop giving him salt in his grain and see if that changes things?

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