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    I am in pony club, and I’m making a “record book” for a horse that is no longer at my barn. I need to include the weight of his grain. I really don’t need it to be accurate, I just need an estimate that sounds realistic. Anyone know how much, in pounds, about 1 average scoop of equine senior would weigh? What about 2 scoops of beet pulp (before water is added)? Also, how much do you think a vet visit would cost for a scratched cornea and a bottle of doxycycline pills? Really just make something up that isn’t too far-fetched! I have nothing to compare these to so I don’t know what is realistic.

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    plastic scoop or metal scoop?
    plastic is about 1 lb.
    metal is about 1-2 lbs.

    If you fed the proper amount of grain given on the back of the bag a 50 lb bag of grain would typically last you 2 weeks.(at 4-5 lbs a day) So $50-70 a month in grain, depending on brand.

    beet pulp is probably the same, I would assume.
    I don’t feed this, so I don’t know how much monthly this would cost you. I’m thinking the same as the grain.

    vet visit…so barn call is anywhere from $50-75
    pills are $20 for 50 pills, $90 for 500 pills.
    You probably got the 50 pills.
    So total vet bill was probably $70-200. Depending on if your vet only charged you for your barn call and pills, or if he charged you for an actual diagnosis.

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