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    I have a Quarter Horse who gets an abscess about 3 or 4 times a year. He wears front shoes during spring, summer and fall and the farrier does wonders for him. But, he does tend to throw shoes and someone mentioned he might be getting his abscess through nail holes, does that seems plausible? He tends to get them during the winter and when he does he goes dead lame and his entire leg swells up. I was wondering if anyone had any input on how to prevent abscesses or what you use to clear them up fast? Thank you!!

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    I would suggest that your vet and farrier work together on this.

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    Joan Fry
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    I’ve kept four horses on this property, not all at the same time, and the only one that got abscesses was my Quarter Horse gelding, and he was barefoot. In his case, he was standing in manure because he liked to look over the gate seeing what the neighbors were up to, so that’s where most of the manure was–in front of his gate. I started cleaning his corral out three times a day instead of twice. So be scrupulous about removing the manure. As for how to treat an abscess fast, who do you usually call when he has one? Fastest would be to call your vet out on an emergency call so your poor horse doesn’t have to stand in one spot all day because he’s in too much pain to walk. Then I’d ask the vet what he thinks is causing them. Mention the nail holes. Good luck!

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    Abscessing that often could be a dietary issue. Maybe talk to your vet about eliminating the sugars and processed stuff, if you can? My Baby was also a chronic abscessour but when the sugars were minimized, so were her abscesses.

    My Taji (The Ara-Bean) will abscess when we dose him for his chronic Lyme.

    Both are treated with magna-paste (epsom salt gel) slathered on the whole hoof unless I can find a hot spot, then diapered and booted x 1/day. 48-72 hours: gone. The key is to keep the hoof clean and dry while the “burst hole” closes.

    Talk with your farrier, too, about, shoe size, materials, balanced feet and pressure points/corns.

    Good luck with this, frustrating for you, painful for your Pone.

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    Joan Fry
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    It’s interesting that when manufacturers start putting things into horse and dog feed that horses and dogs would normally sneer at, our dogs and horses get sick the same way humans do. Low thyroid levels in dogs, for instance, that manifest themselves behaviorally as aggression. So yes, I agree with pheets. I would definitely ask your vet about evaluating your horse’s diet.

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    Sole hardener, like keratex hoof hardener. Or full pads. The ground is more moist during winter and it softens the soles.

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