Alfalfa vs. Dried Beets

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    I’ve raised two geldings who started out as underweight colts. When in need of some extra weight or energy, I have always fed them pelleted or cubed Alfalfa(depending on the horses chewing habits). It has worked marvelously, but I have also heard you can supplement the Alfalfa with dried beet material. What is your experience with these products, and is one more effective than the other?

    analise analise
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    I’ve seen both used. The thing with beet pulp is that it really ought to be soaked before being fed so depending on your routine, that might make it more of a hassle to use. You could also consider adding fat in the form of oil (vegetable oil, cocosoya, etc).

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    My favourite thing in the winter is to mix shredded (soaked) beet pulp with the soaked alfalfa. Easy, and the horses like it. But in the summer I cut out the alfalfa entirely and just mix the BP in their grain. Adds some extra water, easy to digest, and helps set up a good environment in the gut – all of this is a really big deal for my geriatric cushings pony, and he chews it really well to boot.

    I don’t know that one is more effective than the other as far as weight gain goes (especially since 70% of the time I feed them together). I think it really depends on what else your horse is getting as far as grass and hay (and grain) goes.

    And, of course, if any of your horses are having trouble maintaining weight, it may be time to be de-wormed or have the teeth floated 😉

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    Technically speaking, alfalfa has more calories per pound than beet pulp but I have read many places that the fiber in beet pulp is more easily digested. I give my senior mare beet pulp year round and add alfalfa cubes when there is no grass as she cannot eat hay. I love both of them!

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    I’ve noticed if I skip feeding soaked alfalfa pellets, my 15 year old gelding doesn’t hold his weight on soaked beet pulp & 3 lbs feed only. Just 4lbs soaked alfalfa pellets per day really make a difference. In the winter I will have to double his alfalfa pellets intake.

    To make it more convenient, I take my dry beet pulp in the house in a small bucket or supplement container to soak when I get up. By the time the coffee if made, that beet pulp is ready to take to the barn!

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    Both are an option. However, instead of adding things I like to evaluate the diet first.

    What kind of grain is the horse getting?

    Can the horse eat more hay?

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