…and beer for my horses?!

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    A fellow boarder at my barn brought in a case of beer last week & asked the barn mgr to start feeding her gelding a beer a day to help with his skin allergies (he’s super itchy and rubs himself raw when it’s hot – we’re in GA so it’s always hot). Has anyone else heard about people doing this? How in the world would this help him?

    analise analise
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    I haven’t heard about it for allergies but I’ve heard about it helping horses to sweat when they problems with anhidrosis.

    PiaffeNPassage PiaffeNPassage
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    Have not heard it helping with allergies. I just…wouldn’t.

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    I’ve heard of people giving their horses an occasional beer. But unlikely to hurt them. Certainly one beer is not going to make a thousand pound animal tipsy anyway! Would be interesting to see if it works.

    Leslie Leslie
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    I’ve never heard do this and I don’t know why anyone would choose to supplement with beer over the hundreds of other skin and coat supplements out there…

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    cruisecontrol cruisecontrol
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    I have never heard of it for skin allergies or medicinal purpose period. I have seen people who have horses who like beer so they share with them if they’ve got one in their hand but personally I frown on this. I think alcohol can be destructive if not used in extreme moderation and I have this policy of not giving my horse anything, or doing anything, that I wouldn’t want handed, or done, to me. So if I wouldn’t drink out of his water source, it gets cleaned. If I look at his hay (like because it’s dusty or something) and go, “If I were a horse, I wouldn’t eat that.” he gets different hay. I wouldn’t ear that stiff saddle pad if I were getting ridden…different pad. etc. So I say if you wouldn’t use a can a day to fix your skin issue, don’t make your horse. Plus who wants to hop on a horse, regularly fed beer, point it at a jump or something, and say “alright buddy, get us over safely”? lol 😉
    I have a horse with skin issues and he gets canola oil or a skin supplement (have done both and they worked nicely). You can also use special shampoo, apply medicine orally, there are shots for bug allergies too, fly sheets/masks etc….Also check that his stuff is clean. He might need his blankets, brushes, saddle pads etc to be washed.
    Good luck!

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    IrishMelody IrishMelody
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    Washing with beer can help with itchy skin and skin problems. My mom washes her hair in beer occasionally to help with dandruff and itchy scalp. I could see if the boarder brought the case of beer to rinse the horse with, but not give the horse 1 a day. I would think a supplement and/or a misting fan (easily DIY’d) would help more than a brewski.

    As a side note, occasionally the guys who come in my barn share dribbles with my horses, who typically sniff it and walk away. I don’t like that they do it, but am happy knowing my horses turn away from it.

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    Ive given my horse a bath in beer before that works great but I would never give him a beer…

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    Actually its the yeast in the beer that’s helpful. Also a nice dark beer like a rich irish draught is full of minerals. It won’t hurt the horse considering the hindgut is kinda like a big still to begin with so might as well give it a try if the horse likes it. I haven’t heard of it being used for allergies but I have heard of it used for a shiny coat. Who knows maybe it will help maybe it won’t. Also as a side note a beer is good for you too every once in a while

    EquineSunshine EquineSunshine
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    I too have heard of using beer when a horse stops sweating but not for anything else. I doubt it would hurt, since the average horse weighs about 8 times the average human it would be like an eighth of a beer for a person, which is not harmful unless you are an alcoholic. It sounds like some have heard of beer for other allergy treatments so I guess I would sit back and see if it works for the gal’s gelding.

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    I’m probably ‘older’ but yes, I’ve heard of beer helping horses with skin conditions. At least, this was a very common practice in the ’80s and beer thought to contain many of the B Vitamins that horses needed for their skin/shiny coats. The horses thought this a grand idea too, and they did look happy and very healthy. Worth a try at least if the owner thinks it might work, but if it should fail, perhaps she might try freshly ground flax seed instead? =)

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