Annoying SmartPak Drawer

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    This is a dumb topic, but this drawer infuriates me every day! SmartPak provides a very nice drawer with a month’s supply of feed packets. This drawer, however, is hugely annoying because it will not close! I have tried two different drawers and both close only partially — running into some internal blockage and leaving about a 2 inch open gap. I have tried tilting, lifting, wiggling etc. Now I’m just leaving the dopey drawer hanging open, collecting dust on all the packets. Has anybody found a solution to this annoying situation?

    pheets pheets
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    Same problem, I haven’t figured it out, either. Fortunately for me, the use of the drawer is minimal as it is more a file than supp container. We use several SmartPak products but not in SP wells. Sorry I can’t help you other than to commiserate with you.

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    SmartPaker Jessy SmartPaker Jessy
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    Hi janner45, I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with our Storage Drawers! At SmartPak we are always striving to make our fellow riders lives easier, and when we hear that is not the case we want to make things right. Fortunately, our storage drawers are something that we are actually already working on because we think they could be a bit more awesome. Unfortunately, sometimes they get some bumps and bruises in transit, which can make them more difficult to use, and they tend to do best when shipped with your SmartPak order. I would be happy to send a new storage drawer out for you free of charge if you would like to try again? Please let me know and I’ll get right on it for you! –SmartPaker Jessy

    SmartPaker Jessy

    janner45 Original Poster janner45
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    Dear SmartPaker Jessy,
    Thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear that SmartPak is working to improve the drawer, but I would not want another until the new design is in production. I have already received two drawers — both came with my SmartPak order inside. And both refuse to close.

    My SmartPak drawer research shows the following:
    1. The drawer will shut easily when in the vertical position and with nothing inside.
    2. The drawer will not shut when in the horizontal (normal) position and with nothing inside or with SmartPaks inside.
    3. It appears that the internal supports for the shell catch some part of the drawer and prevent it from closing.

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    SmartPaker Jessy SmartPaker Jessy
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    Thanks for your reply, janner45. That is exactly the problem we’re trying to solve with the drawers! There is actually a little bump towards the back of the drawer that catches the lip in the back of the frame. If you have the drawer in the horizontal position, push down on the drawer handle right as you’re trying to get the last bit to close- this should lift the bump up and let it pass over the lip. We’re aware that this sounds a little ridiculous…we’re embarrassed and frustrated by it, but we’re hopeful to have a solution soon!
    –SmartPaker Jessy

    SmartPaker Jessy

    DominoIsMyPal DominoIsMyPal
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    I found that if you get your horse to lick it then it is easier to close. I got so mad at it I trough it out and my horse ended up getting it and licking it and it has always worked since then. I do not know how he got it but all I know is his slobber get it un-stuck.

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    I had the same problem and now use small garbage can to put the smartpaks in those drawer were a pain

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Mine doesn’t gap that much, although it does not close completely or securely. My problem is that I have to keep it on a shelf over my head, and if the whole thing doesn’t drop on me, the drawer opens and all the packets fall everywhere.

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    NinaJD NinaJD
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    I have both styles. the old plain white one and the newer blue and white ones. I’ve never had any issues with either one closing all the way. I only had issues with them falling out when it was full of a new order.

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