Anyone deal with Fibrotic Myopathy before?

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    Hi! My horse was diagnosed with fibrotic myopathy back in September. We did about 4 rounds of shockwave therapy which worked miracles and Matilda loosened up. Now that its cold, she’s stiffening up tremendously and I’m afraid I’ll have to do more treatments. Are there any supplements in addition to the shockwave that will help make her comfortable? I have her on a small dose of MSM.

    I am also a first time horse owner! So I appreciate all input.


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    I’ve not even heard of it, but it sounds as if she needs to be kept warm. Perhaps a blanket warmer than you might normally use would help?

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    I am not familiar enough with the condition to discuss it productively, either, tho you might consider a chat with your vet about selenium levels and possibly a vitamin E supplement.

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    I read that laser surgery may soon be available for this.

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    Thanks for your input!

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    Hi Jamie,
    Here’s a link to a site where I go for vet information – there are 29 articles on fibrotic myopathy – hope there’s something helpful there for you! Best of luck:

    Alois Podhajsky: “When I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them. ...

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    Yes, my mare was diagnosed via lameness exam and also ultrasound. This is basically scar tissue that , in the case of my mare, formed a calcification that made her unable to move her hamstrings (on her right side) This is also known as a mechanical lameness and is supposed to be painless….still…is horrible to watch the gait (dragging the right foot a little bit and then slapping it hard, if you close your eyes you can hear that hoof landing hard) I also had shockwave treatment, Previcox and Legend injections (IV since at her age, 15, she is likely to have arthritis) She was doing amazing and now that the weather got colder she has been stiff again. I think more than the temps is the reduced turnout. Is a balance, movement is great for her but I want to avoid pasture shenanigans that may re injured the hamstrings. About the surgery, my vet in FL had mixed feelings about it because one can argue that a horse prone to develop scar tissue may form it again from the surgery. She is now retired so my goal is to keep her comfortable and happy. She has always been on a diet including Vitamin E , Magnesium, and many more things, the vet tells me this kind of issue is either the result of a pasture accident or overused for certain disciplines (like reiners) I feel your pain! it looks very painful even as the vet assures me is not. Is also hard to explain to other people that no , the horse did not break a leg 🙁

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    MSM. Stuff is magic and may help. Here is some good information.

    Also note the tab on top of the page for reviews where you will find some human reviews. Pretty impressive stories.

    I had my own experience with MSM for one of my TBs not with fibrotic myopathy but with chronic back pain. I had a chiro out to work on him and had suggested to the chiro that perhaps it was kissing spine. He said that there was no such thing and went into a detailed description of the condition and intricacies of what is called kissing spine, and that it could be managed with adjustments and exercises.

    Since I am not diligent about doing his exercises for assorted reasons, his back pain always returned. Even with time off he has always responded negatively when I have tested him from time to time for back pain and so has not been in work for a couple of years. So I decided to try some MSM. Hey, I thought, it’s cheap. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    So I started him on MSM October last year. Last month I decided test his back to see if I could ride him. No response. Nada. And this was the FIRST time in the last year that when I tested him he didn’t recoil at my pressure. I rode him and he was happy and pain free before and after the ride. Yay! And remains on it. Why quit when it’s working?
    And it seems to be working for my ex-eventer who needed sacro injections.

    Maybe it’s worth a try for you.

    Hmmm … maybe I should steal some of his MSM and take some myself.

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    Thanks everyone! The MSM has helped ALOT. And people comment on her little gimp, but its become part of her character and doesn’t slow her down, and that amazes me! If it were me, I’d be like eh, I don’t want to run today I’m done, but not her 🙂

    She does have her bad days especially in the winter, but after a good massage and some warming up she seems to be better. Like Pao_Pinko said the slapping of the foot is really hard because you don’t want them to be in pain, but she seems to be proving to me that she isn’t.

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    pao_pinkert have you had any new learnings on the condition?

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