Anyone ever experienced a horse with Stringhalt?

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    I rescued a little POA over Easter weekend that I was told had a hoof abscess. She said originally her vet thought he had stringhalt but then her farrier found the abscess so she thought the stinghalt wasn’t it at all. I got him home and the next day I could see obvious signs of the stringhalt. I researched everything I could about it and got supplements that people suggested. This POA turned 2 on May 2nd but looked a lot younger due to not being taken care of properly. Always stalled and only let out on nice days in a round pen with two other POA’s, a lama, min. donkey and horse so not much room to run. He had no muscle and looked like hell. His hoof abscess flared up within a few weeks so my farrier came and dug it out and after that he hasn’t had any issues with it and soon the stinghalt signs disappeared also. He now runs and plays and moves great. You wouldn’t think it was the same horse. Last night my friend who is only about 100lbs came out and hopped on him bareback and we took a short ride down the road and back and he did great. Once back we tied him and when I unhooked the lead rope to give him a little grain, he took a few bites then lifted his head and started walking backwards like he couldn’t control his body. I grabbed his halter and led him forward and he stopped and continued eating. Then we walked him around the yard before putting him up and he was fine. Any ideas what could have caused this, could it have anything to do with the stringhalt? I’ve attached pics, the first on is May 14, 2013, second one is the day after I brought him home March 30, 2013 and the last pic was taken last night after his first ride Sept. 16, 2013. He didn’t miss a step, and did great for his first time with someone on him and riding away from the house.

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    Hi Shadow, sorry to hear about this unsettling experience. I’ve never personally dealt with stringhalt, but if I were you, I’d have your vet check your boy and see if he can’t come up with a definitive diagnosis (abscess, stringhalt, or something else). It’s always easier to work confidently and more accurately when you’re working off facts, not shooting in the dark.
    I did find some additional reading that might be helpful when you’re getting ready to talk to your vet about your horse:
    About Stringhalt in Horses:
    Ask the Vet: Stringhalt:
    Another forum thread discussing Stringhalt:
    I hope something in there is helpful! Please keep us posted on how your boy is doing.

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    Thanks for the information, I will check out the sites. The lady I got him from her vet did call me and tell me after I got him that he did have stringhalt and would only be a pasture pet. But to see him now you would never know anything was wrong with him. He can run, stop, spin better than any horse I have seen. I’m praying with the supplements, exercise and good feed he has recovered. I did a lot of research when I first got him and some people said they can come out of it.
    Thanks again!!

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