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    My horse Dusty is starting to show his age (he’ll be 21 in May!). A woman at my barn suggested giving daily aspirin for his mild arthritis pain (he’s sound, but sometimes a little stiff and ouchy when he first trots out), but I’ve heard that’s not good for him in the long run. Does anyone know of anything I can safely give him long-term to help keep him comfy?

    Lay-Z Loper Lay-Z Loper
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    Definitely don’t do aspirin long term – that’s an old school way of doing things and you’re right, it’s not good for your horse. Aspirin, and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like bute and banamine are really hard on your horse’s stomach and can cause ulcers if you feed them too often/too long. I learned the hard way after I had my horse on daily bute for years for his navicular, at the advice of a vet who didn’t know (or didn’t tell me) about the harmful side effects. Luckily, I now have a vet who believes in supplements, and all three of my horses are on a daily joint supplement (they’re all different b/c they have different needs). What type of work does your horse do?

    WhenDustSettles Original Poster WhenDustSettles
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    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Dusty and I used to do 3rd level dressage, but neither of us is up for competing these days (his arthritis and my workload at school). We still hack a couple days a week, and go out for the occasional trail ride, so I think supplements are probably a good idea, but I don’t know which one is right for him…

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    Then why is asperin ok for ppl to take everyday?

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    I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I think this is related – I’ve noticed recently that my old guy seems to be a bit stiff, especially when coming out of his stall in the morning. He just turned 26 and we used ot do reining but now we just do pleasure riding… any supplement suggestions that would work for him?

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    I have my horse on Previcox for pain/inflammation for her navicular. she gets it every other day and my vet said it is safer on the stomach then bute or asperin

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    Try Adequan or another injectible joint support before you start going into anti-inflammatories. They are very helpful, but I would not start my horse on one before it was absolutely necessary.

    Asprin is actually pretty unlikely to be potent enough to help the horse. It is also available without a script, so is less regulated.

    If you do go with an NSAID, one of my boarders had great luck with Previcox for her 26 year old mare.

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    FadingTwilight FadingTwilight
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    I personally would check out joint supplements before going with an injection. I suspect my guy has a bit of arthritis as he used to be really stiff and crack all the time. I put him on smartflex sr, and I saw results within a few weeks. I’ve been tempted to try other supplements, brands, ingredients, etc, but I just can’t make myself do it because he’s happy with the smartflex. It will take a few weeks to a few months to see full results, and you may need to try a few different types to find one that works best for your horse. If the supplements aren’t working, then you may need to look at injections.


    FadingTwilight FadingTwilight
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    Then why is asperin ok for ppl to take everyday?

    If I remember right, it has to do with the dose amount. People with heart conditions take a very low dose everyday. I don’t think aspirin is usually taken on a daily basis for joint problems. Don’t hold me to that though, I’m not positive. 🙂


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    I personally never saw much improvement from oral joint supplements. Obviously many do (or think they do… beware of placebo effect!), but personally I would rather spend my money on researched and proven drugs. If your vet will write a script for it, Pentosan (can be purchased from Wedgewood) is an IM injectable drug for joints/arthritis and many, many people have had great luck with it on COTH. Adequan is another option. Previcox is easier on the GI tract than bute and Previcox is cheaper than many oral joint supps if you get the larger pill and break it in quarters. It is not without risk but is better on their stomachs than bute if that is a concern. Joint injections are another option. So many alternatives to daily bute!

    wyoenglishrider wyoenglishrider
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    I agree with SAcres and Fading Twilight……I did a course of Adequan on my Arab, and then backed that up with SmartFlex Sr and was able to take him off of monthly Adequan injections after 6 months. At that point in our life together, we were just trail riding and not doing any arena or x country work….it was great to keep him comfy those last few years.

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    you can also try homeopathic for you guy.
    My one boy is 18, severe arthritis, ring bone, bone spurs, stifle issues. I had him on Previcox, but that was getting WAY to expensive for me, it worked, don’t get me wrong. But I was told that after a year of using it you should get their liver/kidney’s tested. He was also on smarpak rehab.
    so anyway, I was looking into alternatives and started thinking out of the box..way out of the box for some people. I started looking for animal communicators. Just so I would know if what I was currently doing was working for him, or if I should go with my gut and try something different.
    So I found one, she talked to him(she was in a different state), told me some stuff about him, narked my mom out(that’s how we knew she was legit), and gave me some remedies to try.
    I started out with 4 different types and went down to 3. 2 everyday and 3 every 7th day. We did this for 3 months, took a break for 3 months and did it again for another 3 months and now we’re done for about 7 more months.
    It did great. he’s no longer on his pills or supplement. Every now and then he’s a little sore, but NOTHING like he was before.
    So that’s always an idea for you. Natural sometimes is better. =)

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    AGREE!!!! Look at a GOOD senior joint supplement BEFORE you go to injections. Yucca something (I can’t remember the other half) worked great for my guy and its through smart pak and is herbal.

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    I have had a lot of luck with BL Solution on my 32 and 28 year olds. The liquid seems to do a better job than the pellets (better absorption maybe?) The 32 year old was so stiff in her knees and hocks she couldn’t back off the wash rack. She was already on MSM for other issues but it didn’t seem to do much for her arthritis. I started her on BL just before going out of town for 10 days so really didn’t give it a lot of thought that could lead to placebo effect. The barn sitter gave to her as directed and seriously, when I got back the mare practically marched backwards off the wash rack. My jaw literally dropped open. She moves a whole lot better overall. I’d give it a try! (FYI, the BL stands for Bute Less, the former name of the product.) The key to any kind of supplement is how each horse metabolizes it. You may have to try a few different things before you hit on the right combination.

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    Devils’s claw and Yucca are natural alteratives, My vet had my gelding on asperin for some changes in his navicular bone, (there is poor circulation in the hoof). You cannot show on devils claw it is an illegal substance for the showring, so he was on bute for showing. At 23 he is still going strong and is going to Nationals again this year. My stallion is on Platinum Performance CJ and Adequan because of some changes in his left hind pasturn and the vet says he is moving better and more comfortable

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